Since 1992, CBS has been able to use ever increasing combined buying power to deliver substantial cost savings to all types of business, whilst ensuring top quality service. One step back from the day to day demands of supply chain management, CBS has the ability to investigate markets thoroughly, ensuring best quality service from suppliers whilst achieving the best possible cost savings.

  • Cost savings in overhead expenditure fall directly to profit line.
  • Constant monitoring ensures continual competitiveness of terms.
  • Huge combined buying power in key areas of expenditure delivers terms unattainable by individual companies.

Take for example telephone calls & lines where CBS has become one of the top 100 customers of BT

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Man at desk on telephone Three people in front of laptop in warehouse Refuelling Vehicle

CBS removes the burden of needing to understand the complexities of terms offered by suppliers of mobile telephones.

There are many handicaps to maximising your company performance in an increasingly crowded and competitive market place. The complexity of the deals available coupled with pricing pressures and so little time to invest in these areas makes it very difficult to make the right choice every time, all the time.

CBS has the time and experience to make a real difference

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