Original aim to help SME's benefit from preferential terms based upon combined buying power.

  • Many original participating companies in food sector.
  • Range of services grown in line with market changes.

E.G. Opening up to competition of telecoms markets and wide use of mobile devices.

  • Enables cost savings to be offered to all types of business.

Many years experience of negotiation in the distributive trade

Recognised potential of generating cost saving opportunities unachievable by businesses acting alone.

Terms available now to over 1000 uk businesses, through membership of trading groups, and individual companies, with an average turnover of approx. £20 million, but ranging from £0.5 to £50 million per annum

CBS uses blue-chip suppliers to ensure quality of services and nationwide availability. Visit cbs log-in page for examples.

Constant monitoring ensures continual competitiveness of terms, in ever changing market conditions.

Begun as Independent Manufacturers Alliance (IMA), the Group trades now as Combined Buying Services (CBS). This reflects the fact that all types of business are able to benefit from the terms CBS is able to negotiate with leading suppliers.

CBS has the time and experience to make a real difference

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